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British Home Child Day

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British Home Child Day


September 28 is British Home Child Day in Ontario

A Full Day of Special Events Celebrating the Lives of our British Home Children

From the late 1860s right up until 1948, over 100,000 British children of all ages were sent to Canada and were used as indentured farm and domestic workers. Although it was believed by Canadians that these children were orphans, in reality, only two percent truly were. The vast majority of these children, referred to as British Home Children, were placed outside of Toronto, Ontario and endured very difficult lives. Over the years, many chose to remain silent about this particular part of their life. 

We look to explore the lives of these children, breaking the silence of their struggles and hardships. On this day, Lori Oschefski will be holding lectures in the Town Hall shedding light onto the lives of these children. 

On October 2nd, there will be a special afternoon tea, British Home Children Descendants Tea and Open Mic, discussing the lives of these children, sharing family stories and examining this forgotten part in Canadian History further. 

Tickets for the British Home Children Descendants Tea and Open Mic will be made available in the summer.